The construction market is complex with many influences and drivers. As a product manufacturer it is often hard to know where to start when trying to get your product specified. Getting the right communication channels to focus your efforts on is critical and our latest research, Construction Media Index (CMI) provides a comprehensive insight into the reading habits of construction professionals, across traditional format and online.

Below is a snap shot of some of the highs and lows that stood out for the team when compiling the research report.

The lows

  1. Only 1% of online & 6% of hardcopy adverts are being read
  2. Quantity Surveyors and M&E sub-contractors do not use product directories
  3. Use of search engines to source product information has declined
  4. If you are communicating with Housebuilders and Interior Designers then blogging may not work
  5. 17% of Housebuilders and Main Contractors are not reading any form of trade journal
  6. Interior Designers are the least active when it comes to using social networks for work

The highs

  1. There has been an increase in online readership for construction journals. Readership of trade journals, whether that be online or hardcopy, across all sectors is still strong, with Architects being the most well read
  2. If you are communicating with Architects and Interior Designers then product directories should be part of your communications mix
  3. There is a marked increase in the use of social networks for work, with many companies relaxing their restrictions on the use of networks such as Twitter
  4. Quantity Surveyors have seen the greatest growth in the usage of Twitter at work
  5. Interior Designers like Video and eNews, this can also be said of Architects, so providing a visual medium is of importance and the use of video and podcast could be set to grow over the coming year
  6. If you are communicating with Interior Designers then consider an eNewsletter, as 100% of respondents read this medium

Ian Exall of the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Construction Industry Group CIMCIG says

CMI continues to be a powerful tool for those planning multi media campaigns.’

Now in its second year of publication the report provides an impartial view, as no publishers have been involved.

Purchase the report from our website.

CMI was sponsored by 5 of the industry’s leading communications agencies:

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This Blog was written by Chris Ashworth, founder of Competitive Advantage Consultancy which specialises in market research and training for the construction industry. He is also a member of the organising committee for CIMCIG, the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Construction Industry Group.


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