During 2015 the Competitive Advantage team has published just short of 100 blogs! The overriding theme from our most popular blogs in 2015 can be summarised as: “understanding specifiers and the specification process”.  With topics covering:

  • CPD: Selling without the Sales Pitch
  • Creating an Effective Specification Strategy
  • Communicating Effectively with Specifiers
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Understanding the Construction Sector

Below is a summary of these blog topics:

CPD: Selling Without the Sales Pitch

Architects, Engineers and other design professional want informative and accurate CPD material, they do not want to be sold to. For this reason the CPD accreditation bodies vet material to ensure it meets this criteria. An overt sales message is inappropriate, with the audience wanting an inspirational CPD seminar. As a construction product manufacturer you want to use CPD to generate awareness and leads for your product. Is it possible to keep all three parties happy? I believe so. Learn more about selling without the sales pitch.

Creating an Effective Specification Strategy

If your product has genuine benefits, which can justify its selection over competitors, then you should be using specification sales to create demand. Our blog putting in place a winning specification strategy provides a seven step process to follow.

A great way of informing your specification strategy is through research. We detail the essential research that every construction product manufacturer should be conducting to inform their business strategy in our blog: 4 key research methods to better understand specification.

Our first Twitter Chat on specification strategy hosted in partnership with Barbour ABI, answered questions such as: “What are your top 3 tips for manufacturers to help increase specification of their products?” And “How can manufacturers identify the decision makers in a project team?”

Communicating Effectively with Specifiers

This autumn we released new research into communicating with specifiers. Our Construction Media Index now in its fourth edition is building reputation and is the only impartial report into communication channels used by key decision makers in construction. The publicity around this release proved popular reading.

We previewed some key findings of the Construction Media Index in an infographic. We also took a focused look at the social media findings, providing an infographic to present a comparison between the construction sector and general social media trends. Asking how closely does the construction sector follow social media trends? We expanded on this in our article exploring how construction decision makers gather product and design solutions.

Building Information Modelling

The BIM4M2 working group hosted a discussion at Ecobuild this spring and our report providing a review of the Ecobuild BIM4M2 panel discussion proved popular. The key advice from the experts was: consider resource need and how BIM is relevant to you and how you interact in the supply chain process. Also you must think about your particular route to market for your product.

The debate around Building Information Modelling has been a constant throughout the year, with potentially more questions than answers for the building product manufacturer. Our own research Adoption of BIM by Architects 2015, aims to inform BIM strategy for construction product manufacturers, so that you can invest effectively to provide market leading technical support and engage with architects.

Understanding the construction sector

Our blog on understanding the construction sector was a hit.  The blog provides guidance on understanding why the construction sector is the way it is referencing a number of visuals produced by the industry including our own infographic on the history of the construction industry.

What should be top of the blogs for 2016?

What do you want to learn more about? What specification strategy challenges would you like help with? Tell us what blog topics you would like for 2016. learn@cadvantage.co.uk


Further information

Seasonal Sale: Purchase Construction Media Index Architect Communication Channels and Adoption of BIM by Architects 2015 together and get a 10% discount

One day training course on effective specification strategy is a great way to refresh your knowledge, planned for the 16th March at the Building Centre.



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