In marketing we are all aware of the importance of brand in building recognition and loyalty. But how does this translate when applied to the construction supply chain? During the past year Competitive Advantage have conducted a number of research projects for construction clients that included a measure of brand recall. And recently we have […]

We have brought together some of our popular Slideshare content into one presentation, to act as a helpful reference for you, when developing your sales and marketing strategy for construction markets. In the pack we provide, at a glance, how to develop effective specification strategies, how best to communicate with specifiers, together with a brand […]

We are currently surveying construction professionals, asking them questions about their journal readership, blog readership, social media activity, use of product directories and CPD requirements. This is to inform the fifth edition of the Construction Media Index report, due to be released September 2017. Findings are currently being analysed to provide insight into how best […]

Well written construction specification documents Getting your product specification wording right is very important and key to reducing the incidence of product switching. Competitive Advantage can help you develop strong product specifications. This article from NBS explains where the specification fits within the construction contract. NBS have published their latest report into specification activity. An […]

Key Account Management (KAM) is a tailored specification sales approach, that allows you to work more efficiently with chosen construction clients. KAM is not a simple buyer-seller relationship. It is a professional sales approach, which involves the construction supplier and client’s business working together to gain understanding of each others business and achieve common goals. It means that the […]

In construction a contract acts as a binding agreement between the party commissioning the building project and the contractor responsible for carrying out the construction work, with a number of forms of contract. The type of construction contract being used will have an influence on the structure of the construction team. In order to ensure product […]

An effective specification sales process for your construction product ensures your team is focused in the right areas; communicating successfully with key construction decision makers at the right stage of the construction project, to create demand for your construction products. There are a number of steps that need to be taken to put in place this […]

To influence the specification of your construction product, it is necessary to understand the dynamics of the construction decision making unit (DMU). Today, it is very rare that a single person will have full control of the decision to purchase, and many have the influence to prevent the selection of a product. It is thus […]

Chris Ashworth from Competitive Advantage sums up a recent twitter chat on how to create an Effective Specification Strategy. Covering questions such as: – Why is it so important for product manufacturers to have an effective specification strategy? – How important is market research to specification strategy? – What are your top 3 tips for […]