There are a number of tools at the disposal of the construction marketer, with some marketing tools relatively unique to construction. In this article we explore how the construction marketer can develop their strategy, using a range of tools, to influence building product selection. In other words, develop an effective specification strategy. Gaining construction market […]

Engaging with construction specifiers and influencing specification is a constant challenge for the construction product manufacturer. This infographic looks at the effective steps to take when putting in place a specification strategy. #Specstrategy. It concludes with a number of tools that are available to the construction marketer.      

Well written specification documents are a very important tool in the sales and marketing of construction products. Developing standard specification clauses provides a means of saving the specifier time, enabling easy inclusion and ensuring that a construction product is correctly described as the manufacturer’s original intention. With thought, specification documents can also be written to […]

The specification sales team is an expensive resource, but used effectively it can create demand, reduce the importance of price and transfer influence away from the supply chain to the manufacturer. Effective specification selling is an important skill for the construction professional, the benefits are: Reducing the focus and thus importance on price – By […]

The construction industry has a complex Decision Making Unit, with many influences on the specification of a construction product. So do you know how satisfied specifiers are with your products or services? What they like or don’t like about your construction product? The best way to find out what your customers want is to ask […]

An effective specification sales process for your construction product ensures your team is focused in the right areas; communicating successfully with key construction decision makers at the right stage of the construction project, to create demand for your construction products. There are a number of steps that need to be taken to put in place this […]

To influence the specification of your construction product, it is necessary to understand the dynamics of the construction decision making unit (DMU). Today, it is very rare that a single person will have full control of the decision to purchase, and many have the influence to prevent the selection of a product. It is thus […]

During 2015 the Competitive Advantage team has published just short of 100 blogs! The overriding theme from our most popular blogs in 2015 can be summarised as: “understanding specifiers and the specification process”.  With topics covering: CPD: Selling without the Sales Pitch Creating an Effective Specification Strategy Communicating Effectively with Specifiers Building Information Modelling Understanding […]

The Construction Media Index 2015 has launched! The 2015 research into communication channels used by key decision makers in the construction sector looks at online and hardcopy journal readership, as well as usage of: blogs, online articles, social networks, devices, Apps, product directories and attendance at technical seminars. This comprehensive and independent research conducted by Competitive Advantage […]

Over June and August this year we asked 478 construction professionals how they gather information to inform their product and design decisions. We asked them questions about their journal readership, blog readership, social media activity, use of product directories and CPD requirements. This information is presented in full in our research The Construction Media Index, […]