As Oxfordshire receives planning permission for 20,560 new homes the NHBC have issued a report illustrating the benefits of new homes. It is structured around the findings from a survey of people who had recently moved into a new home. At the same time, new research from BRE, shows that people are increasingly focusing on […]

In this sustainable construction update we report on a number of initiatives that consider wellbeing, biodiversity and the application of green infrastructure, as well as smart construction for delivering a sustainable built environment. Health & Wellbeing of building occupants is now receiving increasing recognition from Clients and Designers. The UK Green Building Council reference the 90% […]

When the government announced its decision to make BIM mandatory it marked a change in the attitude of building clients; from a focus on the capital cost of construction to the lifetime value of the building. BIM can help to reduce operating costs, but another aspect receiving increasing recognition from clients and designers is the […]

The World Green Building Council has launched a strategy aimed at delivering net zero buildings by 2050. Advancing Net Zero seeks to help reduce CO2 emissions from the buildings sector by 84 gigatonnes by 2050, a target made at COP21 in Paris, last December. The Advancing Net Zero programme will initially be delivered through certification […]

Breaking news this month is that Zero Carbon Hub has announced its closure. This follows the withdrawal of funding, with Government deciding not to pursue the zero carbon target. The last study published by the Zero Carbon Hub, reviews standards of ventilation in 6 new homes. It found a catalogue of errors including poor specification, incorrect installation […]

Housebuilding Initiatives At the beginning of the year government announced radical plans to fast-track construction of affordable homes on publicly owned land. The policy is aimed at helping to deliver the commitment to create 200,000 starter homes over the next 5 years. The government says this policy will lead to homes being built at a […]

With over 140 countries adopting the Paris Agreement the ONS have release visuals on why the Paris climate change summit matters. The pact is the first to commit all countries to cut carbon emissions, to attempt to limit the rise in global temperatures to less than 2C. The agreement is partly legally binding and partly […]

A new Supply Chain Sustainability Portal has been launched with the aim to share sustainability best practice. The portal is supported by 35 of the UK’s top construction contractors, FM service providers, clients and suppliers. It is hoped the resource will help to maintain a focus on quality and efficiency throughout the supply chain as the Government […]

The government has been criticised for its subsidy cuts, as the press report 1000 job losses with two solar firms going out of business. Amber Rudd, Energy Secretary has defended her tough stance on cutting energy subsidies in her speech at the Conservative party conference. The Conservative government has also been criticised in an infographic by […]