A new report titled Shaping the Future of Construction, reviews various ways industry could improve the way things are built, it considers lean management, circular economics and cross-industry collaboration. Remco Teulings, via weforum champions the case for circular-economics it can have a radical impact on the built environment, as well as people’s health and well-being. […]

Planning and Building Control report of the potential phasing out of funding aimed at preparing brownfield sites for housing developments. Surprising as Brownfield land has been touted by the government as a way of solving the housing crisis and of meeting their one million homes by 2020 At the end of May, the Housing and […]

The construction sector was the second biggest job creator last year, accounting for 25 per cent of job growth in 2015. Research from The recruitment and employment federation demonstrate the skills shortages in construction are proving beneficial for bricklayers pay, pushing pay to as much as £25 an hour. This comes as research from NHBC […]

In many construction companies marketing is seen as just sales promotion, but an important element is strategic planning – a process which should be ongoing, not just reserved for the annual budget. A well-used tool for this is Ansoff’s matrix, he first developed it 60 years ago, but it is still as relevant today as […]

Chris Ashworth from Competitive Advantage sums up a recent twitter chat on how to create an Effective Specification Strategy. Covering questions such as: – Why is it so important for product manufacturers to have an effective specification strategy? – How important is market research to specification strategy? – What are your top 3 tips for […]