AR and wearable tech to improve construction site safety Augmented reality is being used by Skanska in their training. By using 1:1 scale virtual reality for onsite training they are able to simulate dangerous scenarios that would not be possible at a real physical training grounds. In California, start-up Lightform has developed a new type of […]

A roadmap for digital construction The UK BIM Alliance launched during the recent Construction Week, replacing the BIM Task Group, it aims to provide a reference point for firms involved in the built environment to implement BIM, particularly the adoption of Level 2. As part of this launch the chair of the UK BIM Alliance presented […]

BIM promises to deliver better collaborative working. This month’s BIM update provides some news items that summarise progress towards this goal. At the end of June BIM4M2 invited trade associations to a briefing about BIM, LEXiCON and the BRE Template tool. The aim of the day was for trade associations to learn how manufacturers can […]

Using data collaboratively to improve the construction process Data rather than 3D objects is key to BIM, Steve Thompson explains what he means by this and the role of Product Data in his EcoBuild presentation, which has now been published on YouTube. And Richard Shennan, of Mott MacDonald says with the spread of BIM skills, […]

Working towards BIM Level 2 At the beginning of the month, to coincide with the BIM level 2 mandate, BSI launched The site aims to become a key point of reference for anyone implementing BIM Level2. To help them understand how to use Building Information Modelling (BIM) and data to improve productivity and reduce waste. A pre-BIM […]

In the 2011 Construction Strategy, government set a mandate for the use of fully collaborative BIM on all government construction projects by 4th April 2016. With this date just around the corner I chose to attend the Ecobuild seminar entitled, ‘BIM and UK Government’. I wanted to understand how government is helping the construction industry achieve […]

BIM at Ecobuild Last week there was a wealth of BIM information presented at Ecobuild with many launches and BIM presentations. I attended a seminar entitled ‘BIM and the UK Government’ looking for insight into how government is driving the construction industry to achieve BIM targets. At Ecobuild BRE promoted their recently launched BIM Level 2 Business Systems Certification and BIM […]

Housebuilding Initiatives At the beginning of the year government announced radical plans to fast-track construction of affordable homes on publicly owned land. The policy is aimed at helping to deliver the commitment to create 200,000 starter homes over the next 5 years. The government says this policy will lead to homes being built at a […]

For a building product manufacturer the need to provide BIM support will become as necessary as the provision of standard specification clauses or CAD details. To benefit from BIM you need to understand how your building products should be presented and the information that will be required. Then, just as standard specifications are provided today, […]

Transparency Market Research have released Global BIM Market Analysis covering BIM growth, trends and forecast to 2020. This month B1M have created a number of videos, perfect for those considering BIM implementation: Top 10 BIM Acronyms Explained, also summarised in an article for RIBA Insights; Top 3 BIM Myths Dispelled and What Happens if I Don’t do BIM? Pheonix […]