Construction reacts to the Autumn Budget and Market figures show mild recover in Q3 Construction reacts to the Autumn Budget Phillip Hammond, in his Autumn 2018 Budget, declared ‘austerity is finally coming to an end’. He also confirmed that all spending plans would go ahead regardless of the outcome of Brexit, thanks to lower borrowing […]

Subdued construction output reported, with falls in new orders The ONS report Construction output fell by 3.4% during the three-month on three-month period to April 2018, the biggest fall seen since August 2012. This was mainly driven by falls in both repair and maintenance and new work. Despite this the April RIBA Architects’ Future Trends […]

A year has passed since the government BIM level 2 mandate came into force and the UK is seeing world leading development being done in the area of BIM. Yet since the level 2 Mandate, Brexit fears have exacerbated the skills gap faced by the industry, as well as impacted on the costs of materials. […]

Government published its Industrial Strategy as a Green Paper – The objective of the modern industrial strategy is to improve living standards and economic growth by increasing productivity and driving growth across the whole country. The paper focuses upon growth through science, technology and innovation rather than through established, traditional industries; and poses several questions […]

Realising the value of a digitally enabled construction sector Construction is no longer a muddy boots and shovel industry. Recent thoughts on rebranding the construction industry take a look at some of the world leading work being done in the area of BIM and the digitisation of construction. The recent report by the CPA, The […]

In the last 150 years there have only been a few innovations in construction which have significantly contributed to the efficiency of the building process. Building Information Modelling (BIM) has the potential to be one of these. It has the potential to: change the way the construction team shares information, avoid component conflicts and reduce […]

In the 2011 Construction Strategy, government set a mandate for the use of fully collaborative BIM on all government construction projects by 4th April 2016. With this date just around the corner I chose to attend the Ecobuild seminar entitled, ‘BIM and UK Government’. I wanted to understand how government is helping the construction industry achieve […]

Housebuilding Initiatives At the beginning of the year government announced radical plans to fast-track construction of affordable homes on publicly owned land. The policy is aimed at helping to deliver the commitment to create 200,000 starter homes over the next 5 years. The government says this policy will lead to homes being built at a […]

For a building product manufacturer the need to provide BIM support will become as necessary as the provision of standard specification clauses or CAD details. To benefit from BIM you need to understand how your building products should be presented and the information that will be required. Then, just as standard specifications are provided today, […]

With BIM being such a hot topic and the recent release of the BIM4M2 research – BIM Adoption by Product Manufacturers, I decided to attend the BIM4M2 Panel discussion at Ecobuild. I wanted to find out what information and advice the panel members would give manufacturers looking to adopt BIM, On the panel were members […]