MP Steve Cabe challenges the government asking where is the Bonfield Review?  He criticises Government, saying they are adding to a sense of disillusionment with energy policy.

From the 1st October new housing in London will be expected to meet new zero carbon requirements. The new standard is much stricter than Part L of the Building Regulations and developers that fail them will be required to pay into a carbon off-set fund. The UKGBC warn that Architects will need to work harder to secure work in London, as developers look for sustainable design to minimise their offset costs.

UK-GBC is launching a new initiative, the “Wellbeing Lab,” to help transform how we think about, design and manage our working environments. And a study by the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard University has shown that green buildings have a positive link to higher cognitive function for workers.

Scape have released their Sustainability in the Supply Chain report,  surveying more than 150 contractors, subcontractors and senior managers from the public & private sectors to examine supply chain stability. The report shows that there is a ‘vast division’ between the two sectors, as 75% of suppliers believe the public sector needs to do more to engage with its supply chain. Responses provide insight into the extent of the skills crisis within the supply chain, the need for greater SME engagement, the importance of the public sector in providing forward visibility of works to SMEs and the growing importance of social value and local economic growth.

In Scotland legislation for the Assessment of Energy Performance of Non-domestic Buildings is now in place. Applying to the sale or rental (to a new tenant) of non-domestic buildings more than 1000m2, owners need to display a valid Energy Certificate. They also need to assess their building and provide a valid action plan. The action plan should include work to meet carbon, energy performance and emission targets.


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