Buildings account for significant carbon emissions in cities, with buildings in some larger cities responsible for up to 80 per cent. A new partnership has been developed between the World Green Building Council (WGBC) and the World Resources Institute-led Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA) in a bid to double the rate of energy efficiency buildings by 2030.

Lizzie Jones of Savills argues that sustainable initiatives are becoming increasingly important in defining ‘prime’ commercial property. Referencing research by The World Green Building Council in 2013 showing properties with green building accreditations see rental rates improve by 19.7 per cent when compared with properties without.

Can we secure a sustainable future for Olympic venues? Richard McPartland of NBS explores the Rio Games, considering how they will utilise the Olympic legacy, and how we faired following the London 2012 Games.

Nick Tune, CEO of CoBuilder UK presents the case for BIM and sustainability, with the use of Product Data Templates allowing environmental data to be readily accessible. He highlights that “having manufacturer’s data available in BIM ensures complete control of the compliance with regulations”

Withdrawal from the EU raises questions as to the UK’s position with respect to existing EU pledges and policies, and its future interaction with the EU bloc to fight climate change. The Energy and Climate Change Committee have launched an inquiry: ‘Leaving The EU: Implications For UK Climate Policy’ which looks to determine which climate policy areas will need to be addressed during the UK’s exit negotiations.

The construction industry produces three times more waste than UK households – half of which is not recycled. Arup engineers and The Built Environment Trust have teamed up to discover how we might apply Circular Economy principles to housing and construction projects. Visit The Circular House exhibition at the Building Centre between the 17th September and 8th October to learn more.

And finally the ONS report that UK energy consumption is down and renewable energy is up.

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