A new Supply Chain Sustainability Portal has been launched with the aim to share sustainability best practice. The portal is supported by 35 of the UK’s top construction contractors, FM service providers, clients and suppliers. It is hoped the resource will help to maintain a focus on quality and efficiency throughout the supply chain as the Government pushes to achieve its target of building a million homes by 2020.

Lisa Nandy MP has published a letter to Amber Rudd on the Department’s decision to cut solar subsidies. She criticised the sudden cut in subsidies causing over a 1000 job losses in a matter of days. She also warns that the decision ‘has created a climate of instability in the energy market in which investors do not have the confidence to make long-term investments.

New research into the energy efficiency market shows investment in training, public awareness and innovation of industry business models are vital for the sector’s longevity and growth. The report called Trust and Certainty assesses the energy efficiency market viability and supply chain deliverability, it findings will feed into the Bonfield Review.

Meanwhile Dong Energy has decided to build the world’s largest offshore wind farm in the Irish Sea after making a final investment decision on the project.

The Environment Agency said it “does not expect to normally take enforcement action” on organisations that submit an ESOS notification of compliance by 29th January 2016 provided it has been notified by 5th December that they are going to be late.

For inspiration CIOB report on how Marks and Spencer are striving to be the most sustainable major retailer in the world, through zero carbon buildings to zero waste in operations. An Amsterdam developer, the Dutch Green Company, plans to use no electric air conditioning at all, in a new hotel opening in that city in 2017. It could become one of the world’s most energy-efficient buildings, the first (nearly) zero-energy hotel.

As CIBSE announce the shortlist for the building performance awards the report, Overheating in Homes found that 83% of Londoners suffered from overheating at least once this summer. An overhaul of building regulations is recommended to tackle overheating problems. And at the beginning of this month the refreshed Green Construction Board met for the first time. The board discussed the activities of the Bonfield Review, its report on solid insulation and its emerging action plan for the next two years. Their report on solid wall insulation calls for action to address the poor installation standards, inadequate regulations and lack of workable funding initiatives that have shrunk the market for solid wall insulation .

Leed, a certification offered by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) is coming under fire. An article by the Guardian asks “How did a somewhat wonky design standard become such a strong marketing tool? And what are the lessons – and warnings – that other sustainability initiatives can learn from its success?”

Another lesson from across the pond that we are adopting here is pocket parks. Community groups supported by local authorities will be invited to apply for a slice of £1.5million funding to create pocket parks.

Canary Wharf Group has launched a dedicated smart city hub. The shared workspace will enable companies to work together to find smart cities solutions, which are capable of operating in an interconnected way, drawing on Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

And finally the European Union says the Global Climate Deal, being drawn up at the Paris Summit must be legally binding .

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