BIM at Ecobuild

Last week there was a wealth of BIM information presented at Ecobuild with many launches and BIM presentations. I attended a seminar entitled ‘BIM and the UK Government’ looking for insight into how government is driving the construction industry to achieve BIM targets.

At Ecobuild BRE promoted their recently launched BIM Level 2 Business Systems Certification and BIM training from BRE Academy. And the NBS shared their newly created Periodic Table of BIM. Mimicking the periodic table of elements the visual guide provides at-a-glance guidance on the steps to take to ensure a successful BIM implementation.

Product Data Templates

In an interview with Nick Tune, CEO of coBuilder UK, Planning and Building Control Today go through the 5 pillars of product data templates(PDT’s).  The interview presents the main issues connected to PDTs that manufacturers need to consider. Further guidance for manufacturers is available at an informative CPD event on the 13th April in London. This event, delivered in partnership with BIM4M2 and the CPA, aims to provide insight into what is required by clients, architects and contractors and give impartial guidance on options for providing BIM content.

Plain Language BIM Dictionary

The BIM Task Group are developing a plain language BIM dictionary. To provide a common set of parameters for both those requesting information, and those providing it. It is hoped this will harmonise standards, help create product data sets and share data across software platforms. The dictionary will be launched at the next BIM4M2 Seminar in London on 13th April 2016, and will be freely available by the end of April 2016.

What is COBie?

Ben Wallbank, BIM strategy manager for Viewpoint construction software, has created several informative videos. In his first video he asks what is COBie? And in the second he explains why we need COBie.

Further Information

SEMINAR: BIM for Manufacturers – countdown to mandatory government BIM, 13th April 2016

RESEARCH: Adoption of BIM by Architects 2015

RESEARCH: BIM Adoption by Product Manufacturers

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