A new report from Kier called Averting a £90bn GDP crisis points to a need for business and government to do more to improve out of date careers advice. The study found that 90% of teachers are unaware of the scale of the recruitment shortfall in the construction sector, with 41% not realising that there is an issue at all.

In response Kier have launched a new careers advice website (www.shapingyourworld.co.uk). This website is part of a campaign aimed at changing the perception of construction with Generation Z through the use of avatars and social media (Snapchat and Blippar) promoting the projects delivered within the industry, the roles and routes into the industry. The campaign will also include careers outreach activities and virtual plaques on live and completed projects.

The FIS have also launched an image campaign for the construction sector. #iBuiltThis2017 campaign is open to all ages and invites photo entries, with voting commencing on the 25th September. David Frise CEO of FIS said: “This campaign provides the partnerships to join the dots across the industry with educators and potential new entrants and engage with young people in a fun and exciting new way.”




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