CPD eBook CoverCPD seminars are an effective tool for starting a new relationship or enhancing an existing one with specifiers.

They are a proactive way to introduce your company and demonstrate technical competence.

CPD has the benefit of meeting many specifiers at one time and can often end with a discussion about a specific project. But to be effective the seminar should have good impartial technical content, be approved by one of the certification bodies and be well presented.

CPD reinforces the perception of your company as a professional organisation, with technical expertise, that is committed to your customers. Delivering quality CPD positions you as a ‘Trusted Advisor’ and opens doors for discussions about product specification.

This eBook contains 26 pages of information on how to effectively deliver CPD and raise awareness of your product.

This eBook provides insight into:

  • What specifiers want from CPD
  • The benefits of delivering CPD
  • How to choose your CPD content
  • How to develop your CPD offering
  • CPD certification
  • How to promote your seminar and gain CPD bookings
  • How to utilise CPD to position yourself as a ‘Trusted Advisor’

This eBook costs just £20 + VAT . Purchase online now

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