CIMCIG recently hosted a group of senior marketers from manufacturing. The group met to discuss how the marketing needs of the industry are changing. A write up of the CIMCIG Round Table has been written by Chris Ashworth.

Rick Osman, in his article for RIBA Insights considers the importance of marketing material to manufacturers in the specification process. He concludes that properly presented technical information is vital and creating a positive first impression.

People read words differently online, and this Article by Hinge Marketing provides 7 Best Practices for Website Copywriting.

Marketing Sherpa have provided an overview of the top takeaways from the Email Summit 2015. Hubspot provide guidance on 25 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List.

Neoman Studios, argues the case for visual content marketing, with their blog 10 Reasons Why You Should Care About Visual Content Marketing. As part of the Content Marketing Virtual Summit 2015 Instant eTraining are providing 6 hour long videos and 7 ebooks and guides all for no cost. The Content Marketing Institute are offering a Step-by-Step Guide to Get Your Content Marketing Program Off the Ground.

Hubspot have looked at their customer data to paint a picture of how their customers use social media. From this they have issued some European social media benchmarks. They have also issued an eBook called Social Superheros, working with three social powerbrands the guide seeks to help businesses use social media to its maximum potential.

Hubspot have provided a list of the Top 100 U.K. Marketing Blogs, together with a free tool, so you can rank your own. We are pleased to be part of the Best Construction Blog Competition 2015, vote for us here by selecting Construction Sales and Marketing blog (U.K.).

Jessica Ellis in her blog for Proctor + Stevenson looks at facial recognition technology and whether it can open up a whole new world to marketers? Proctor + Stevenson also provide a blog on five metrics that you could give up tracking – and why.

Jan Klin provides a SEO update, with Google adapting to rank websites on customer reviews and Twitter streams, to ensure you are delivering on your promises. For limited time only, you can grab your copy of the most widely read SEO guide on the web, SEO in Practice, for FREE.

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