This round-up provides useful reading on how best to  use social media, as well as hints to keep ahead of Google and copywriting tips. With us hitting the half-way mark of 2014, also included are reminders to check your strategy is on track.

Making the most of social media

Acton have released a Social Media Marketing 101 toolkit. For more bite sized information take a look at Tweet formulas by Hubspot or 4 steps to build your personal brand using LinkedIn by marketing Sherpa. And if you like your information in infographic format how about these two from Hubspot: one that is a great checklist for  your social media content and another that reviews the growth of social media.

SEO Measurement

And here is another great infographic that provides an overview of Google’s ranking factors. Arnie Kuenn provides insight into content marketing strategy: 3 ways to measure success with Google Analytics

Reviewing strategy – are you on track?

Jeremy Goldman reminds us that we are half-way through the year, and asks in his blog are you on target? With strategy in mind here is an infographic on will your idea work?

Top writing tips

Nick Pauley in his blog provides an overview of what he learnt on a recent copywriting course. He also writes for CNplus how to write online for specific target audiences. Joe Pulizzi says if your content marketing is for everybody, it’s for nobody and Jan Klin also talks about identifying your target audience as part of his series on content marketing.


Ross Sturley writing for Glenigan asks how relevant is trade press in today’s construction industry?

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