In this months marketing round-up we present ideas on how to create a strong brand, how to deliver effective CPD and predicted marketing trends for 2015

Developing Brand awareness

In a recent RIBA Insight article Derryck Strachan provides five questions to ask yourself about your online brand. Pauley Creative in a recent blog look at positioning to create an effective web presence to generate specifications. In a recent blog Hubspot warn of the mistakes to avoid when measuring brand awareness. This links nicely with the seminar entitled Death of Brand being hosted on the 17th March by CIMCIG.

Marketing trends for 2015 – personalisation and visual content

An infographic by Smart Insights provides information on what works best in digital marketing today but a recent survey by Forrester has shown that many B2B marketers are struggling to make an impact with their content marketing. So with 2015 being the year that Jobs’ post-PC dream is finally realised, what are the marketing predictions for the year ahead?

Building on those listed in last month’s Marketing round-up here are some further marketing trend predictions:

And if it is statisitcs you are after eConsultancy have recently updated their B2B internet statistics compendium.

Delivering effective CPD

An article by RIBA Insight says “Overt commercialism in CPD marketing is not only unacceptable – it’s self-defeating. But Providers sometimes find knowing how to avoid it a challenge.” This sentiment is echoed in our recent blog CPD – selling without the sales pitch. Another RIBA Insight article looks at CPD from the asessors point of view, highlighting the good and the bad.

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