Key Account Management (KAM) is a tailored specification sales approach, that allows you to work more efficiently with chosen construction clients. KAM is not a simple buyer-seller relationship. It is a professional sales approach, which involves the construction supplier and client’s business working together to gain understanding of each others business and achieve common goals. It means that the construction product manufacturer works with the client’s Architects, Engineers and Contractors to support correct design, good product availability and correct installation.

Identifying your key construction clients allows you to work with their Architects, Engineers and Contractors, taking a more holistic approach to your specification strategy. Key Account Management allows you to build in efficiencies that result in cost savings for both parties.

By entering into KAM relationships you will:

  • build stronger relationships with your construction customers
  • gain an advantage over your construction competitors
  • reduce the issue of price (because of the value you provide)
  • encourage customer loyalty



If you have any further questions on how to implement a KAM strategy
please contact the expert team at Competitive Advantage

We can help you:-

Our team have extensive construction industry experience, meaning we are able to understand the complex marketplace, so in-turn can work with you to deliver sound business recommendations.

With your input we complete research and conduct workshops to gain information that will inform your strategy. Then working with you we create a business strategy that encompasses your end goals and look at how to implement this in practical terms.


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