Breaking news this month is that Zero Carbon Hub has announced its closure. This follows the withdrawal of funding, with Government deciding not to pursue the zero carbon target.

The last study published by the Zero Carbon Hub, reviews standards of ventilation in 6 new homes. It found a catalogue of errors including poor specification, incorrect installation and a lack of understanding for commissioning and use. As a result all of the properties failed to meet some of the criteria in the Building Regulations.

DCLG have made amendments to Document L, changes in the 2016 edition reflect alterations to the regulations. There have been no technical changes.

The National Audit Office criticises the failed Green Deal saying it was poor value for money and failed to deliver carbon emission savings. And new research has revealed that government funding to help households install energy efficiency measures has fallen drastically since 2012. Let’s hope the Bonfield Review will provide greater direction in this sector.

In the meantime a new initiative between Wilmott Dixon and the BRE seeks to measure the benefit of making old homes more energy efficient. Together with Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, they are transforming a 1920s semi-detached home into a blueprint for making older properties more energy efficient.

Looking at how the industry proceeds, Jim McClelland presents some interesting ideas in an article exploring what he calls the new era of construction, where waste, carbon and data are the new money; circularity, efficiency and connectivity are the new metrics.

And finally, on a lighter note, Gorgonzola or Wensleydale?! In Cumbria hundreds of homes are to be heated using biogas generated from whey and other residues from the cheese production process.

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