The latest technologies that are impacting construction are explored by George Beall for the technology blog TNW. This technology report showcases how “as construction practices adapt the latest technology, possibilities open up for better structures built more efficiently and with fewer errors – something that benefits all of us.” Reminding us that the building environment has a broad impact and creating efficiencies through technology brings many advantages, not just to the supply chain but by providing speedier delivery and better quality to the end user.

A technology that we already use in our day to day lives, which could be better utilised in the construction process, is geographic information systems (GIS). This is explored in an article by Paul Wilkinson. “The construction and real estate sectors are both major creators and major consumers of geographic information. We, therefore, need to work closely with the GIS community to manage our location intelligence legacy”. Indeed building and construction is one of the most information-intense industries. Paul Mills, Group Sales Director of Six Degrees Group explores the role of technology in the construction supply chain in an article for PBC Today. He asks where fast, efficient output is simply expected, how can businesses in this sector incorporate the right technology? He explores the management of IT, the cloud and smart phone communications.

New technology is also impacting construction techniques. At the ETH Zurich University in Switzerland a three-story house is being built using only robots and 3D printers. The team claims the project, known as ‘DFAB House’ is the first home to be designed, planned, built using primarily digital processes. For greater speed you could consider the Folding Home, which assembles in 8 minutes!

Mark Reid for BIM+ also presents the case for technology in construction. He looks at how digital engineering can support the sector, saying that “the success of building projects now depends on a harmonious blend of people, process and, crucially, technology working together.” And “Looking ahead, the reliance on emerging technology is only set to continue. Whether it’s artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics, the Internet of Things, digital twinning, 3D printing the possibilities are endless, but harnessing them shouldn’t be daunting.”


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Research by Competitive Advantage, New Technology and Innovation in the Construction provides manufacturers and other suppliers with an understanding of the areas of opportunity relating to product innovation. This impartial research provides indicators of what specifiers are looking for from manufacturers of construction products, offering up ideas on quick wins, as well as long term innovation requirements.


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