Following the publication of new research by BIM4M2 and the recent Barbour ABI Twitter chat with Steve Thompson Chair of BIM4M2, many interesting points have been raised around the challenges of BIM adoption faced by construction product manufacturers.

The government’s 2016 deadline is just around the corner. The BIM4M2 research states just under 50% of respondents are looking to invest in BIM this year. With this in mind we have written this blog in answer to a question raised in the recent Barbour ABI Twitter chat with Steve Thompson Chair of BIM4M2:

How can product manufacturers learn more about responding to the BIM challenge?

Steve Thompson Chair of BIM4M2 tweeted this response during the Barbour ABI twitter chat: “Contact @BIM4M2, sign up to our newsletter or join us. We have a broad range of skills & experience & are here to help”

Engage and interact with BIM task groups

This sentiment is backed by John Frost in his blog about the BIM4SME task group. He reminds us of the importance of engaging and interacting with the BIM task groups, to help further your own understanding and the understanding of the industry as a whole. With this in mind why not register for the BIM4M2 newsletter via their website. In an article for RIBA Insights Chris Ashworth gave an explanation of the different task groups surrounding BIM.

Understand the basics of BIM

BIM for the Terrified by the Construction Products Association is a guide aimed at those who have minimal understanding of BIM. This guide clearly sets out what BIM is in an easy to read format. It gives simple guidance on what manufacturers need to do when developing their BIM strategy, backed up with case studies.

The FAQ section of the BIM Task Group website also provides a step by step introduction to the subject.

Take a look at the BIM Training Video published by RIBA Insights. This video gives a basic introduction to the world of BIM and digital construction in general. Not only is the view from designers and contractors perspective represented, it also includes key areas manufacturers should focus on when thinking about BIM. There are also a number of overview videos on the BIM task group website. And if video is your thing, then take a look at B1M, the definitive video resource for everything BIM.

Understand how others have implemented BIM

As you start to understand BIM more, then look at the new research from BIM4M2, BIM Adoption by Product Manufacturers. This research gives an understanding of how manufacturers are implementing BIM, and identifies the main barriers that they faced when making the decision to invest in BIM.

There are also a growing number of case studies available. Many of these case studies have been collated on the case study area of BIM Talk.

Know the terminology of BIM

If you feel all the information that is out there about BIM is full of technical jargon then refer to The SpecifiedBy BIM Dictionary. This dictionary describes every term you may come across when gathering information about BIM. Equally The BIM Hub provides a glossary of the 20 key BIM terms your need to know.

Learn about the different forms of BIM information

The NBS provide an article called BIM levels explained, which gives a broad overview of the levels 0 to 3. Another article provides a check list of 5 things you need to do before 2016. And Paul French, Commercial Market Manager at British Gypsum details the importance of ensuring accurate data for BIM projects. RIBA Insight reports that the launch of a clear quality standard for BIM objects has enabled greater collaboration and more efficient information exchange across multiple formats.

And when considering software BIM Store provide a number of software bibles for all major BIM platforms. And if you are going to Ecobuild, NBS are running a series of seminars and workshops on BIM.

Finally, keep an eye on the BIM4M2 website, there are a number of developments underway to help manufacturers, which should start to appear in the coming months.

What resources would you suggest?

This blog is more of a guide than a definite list of resources. We would love to hear from you regarding the resources you have found helpful during your BIM journey, so we can share them with others.



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