logo_fermacellThe Client:

Fermacell gypsum fibreboard has become a popular choice across Europe for high-performance dry lining projects. Combining the strength of block work with the flexibility of dry lining, the acoustic, fire, moisture, impact and load hanging performance place Fermacell in a category of its own.

The Project:

Inspired by Competitve Advantages’ report into construction activity in the UK Education sector, this research was designed to help Fermacell better understand the performance requirements for partitions and linings within education buildings. Importantly the research explored performance requirements that may not be met by existing solutions. Asking to what extent these unmet or partially met needs could be exploited to create a competitive advantage for Fermacell gypsum fibreboard partition systems.

The Objectives:

Within the Education Sector the research aimed to help Fermacell understand:

  • Current known performance requirements
  • Key cost issues in terms of capital, operation and maintenance
  • Unmet needs for partitioning and lining

The Methodology:

Competitive Advantage began by conducting desk research to provide background from which to define the key issues. Some face-to-face interviews were then conducted with select decision makers working within the education sector, to understand their issues. This step informed the development of a telephone questionnaire for the broader sample size, respondents who work in school design and maintenance. Respondents covered a mix of Clients, Architects, Design Managers and FM providers, some of which were existing Fermacell contacts and all working in the education sector. Finally further in depth interviews were conducted to confirm and clarify some of the research findings.

Reporting was in an easy to understand format, including charts, infographics and a comprehensive management summary of the research findings.

The Benefits:

Competitive Advantage has helped Fermacell to understand the requirements and unmet needs for partitioning and lining in the education sector, Identifying key issues around performance, operation and maintenance of partitions and linings in education. From this Fermacell have the knowledge to create competitive advantage for their gypsum fibreboard partition systems within the education sector.

“Competitive Advantage were very professional and proactive. Their extensive sector experience helped us to refine our brief and gave us an actionable report. Overall we are highly satisfied with the research they carried out.”

Gary Carter, General Manager, Fermacell UK

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