The Client:

H+H has over 60 years’ experience in the manufacture and sale of aircrete products including the well-known brand “Celcon Blocks”. Celcon Blocks are the most commonly used aircrete block in the H+H range, today H+H is Europe’s second-largest aircrete manufacturer.

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The Project:

Competitive Advantage was asked by H+H to introduce a variation of the Net Promoter Score (NPS), to measure the likelihood of specification of their brand by architects. They wanted to measure and track the strength of the ‘H+H’ brand against other leading construction brands operating in similar markets.HH May14 188

The Objectives:

The research aimed to:

  • Measure the brand strength of Celcon
  • Identify trends in the specification of the Celcon brand
  • Benchmark the Celcon brand against key competitors in the same sector
  • Give an overall Net Promoter Score for Celcon against and other key competitors in the same sector

The Methodology:

Competitive Advantage identified architects working on current projects in the key sectors of aircrete products. An email survey was then sent to the identified architects, asking how likely they were to specify the H+H product and other key competitors in the same sector. The data was collected and analysed by the team at Competitive Advantage, producing an overall Net Promoter Score. This information was then put into a report in an easy to understand format, including charts and a comprehensive management summary, ultimately giving H+H a benchmark score against their competitors for their Celcon product.

The Benefits:

H+H Believe that knowing architects opinions of the H+H product and brand is critical to winning and keeping the specification. This research allowed H+H to understand trends in the specification of their products, and how important brand is to architects’ in the decision making process. The research also helped H+H benchmark against key competitors, giving them a better understanding of where their brand sits in the market. This survey enables H+H to track changes in the attitudes of key specifiers, as trend data is built each time the survey is repeated.

“The main advantage of the Net Promoter Score is that it allows us to track changes in the attitudes of the key specifiers.  We need to be able to compare year-on-year in order to investigate the success of our marketing activity.  Net Promoter is one of the sources of this information.” Jenny Smith- Andrews, Marketing Manager, H+H

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