Architects, Engineers and other construction professionals want informative and accurate technical education material (known as CPD), they do not want to be sold to. Yet as a construction product manufacturer you want to use CPD to generate awareness and leads for your product.

There are more than 500 providers of CPD, with architect practices alone running on average 12 seminars in a year. Making sure your construction product CPD stands out and gets noticed requires a considered approach, taking into account topic, message, delivery and design.

Striking the right balance between technical content and construction product information while also delivering an effective sales message takes careful consideration.

Benefits of CPD for the construction product manufacturer

CPD has the benefit of opening doors, meeting many specifiers at one time and can often end with a discussion about a specific construction project opportunity. It can also help position the organisation and the person who delivers the material as a Trusted Advisor.

Technical advice is the key reason why a specifier will allow a relationship with a construction product manufacturer. CPD seminars are a proactive way to introduce your company and demonstrate the technical competence of your team.

CPD is a valuable tool in the process of specification selling.

CPD – selling without the sales pitch

Architects, Engineers and other construction design professionals want informative and accurate CPD, they do not want to be sold to. For this reason the CPD accreditation bodies vet material to ensure it meets these criteria. An overt sales message is frowned upon. What the audience wants is an inspirational CPD seminar. As a construction product manufacturer you want to use CPD to generate awareness and leads for your product. Is it possible to keep all three parties happy? The team at Competitive Advantage have been helping companies do this for a number of years.

How we can help develop your CPD strategy

Written and delivered properly a CPD seminar can establish the manufacturer’s sales representative as a Trusted Advisor. CPD seminars can raise the awareness of your construction products in the mind of the specifier and ensure they include key, sometimes unique, performance criteria.

How Competitive Advantage can help you develop and implement a CPD strategy

We can help you develop and maximize the benefit from your CPD strategy by:

  • Research and identify a unique topic that specifiers will want to learn about
  • Research and identify the CPD offerings of your competitors and manufacturers of complementary product so these topics are avoided.
  • Facilitate a workshop with your technical, sales and marketing staff to define your CPD seminar objectives; to develop the story you want to tell; to look at how to demonstrate technical competence whilst delivering an inspirational and engaging presentation. And importantly define your objectives for delivering CPD.
  • Taking the results of the workshop and drawing on our construction knowledge and experience, develop an outline for your CPD seminar presentation
  • Once you are happy with the CPD seminar outline, work with your team to develop technical and marketing content in line with your seminar objectives
  • Develop a script which includes all key points
  • Facilitate a workshop to review content with your technical, sales and marketing staff to make sure the final content meets objectives and has the support of all stakeholders
  • Create PowerPoint slides, with a compelling title and well written agenda
  • Prepare your CPD accreditation application for approval
  • In addition we can:
  • Train your team in delivery techniques, to ensure the seminar is presented in a memorable and effective manner
  • Prepare CPD seminar promotional material
  • Develop a communications strategy to gain CPD bookings
  • Prepare seminar handouts
  • Organise CPD events on your behalf
  • Put in place a process that allows you to follow-up delivery, develop relationships with specifiers and establish  your team as Trusted Advisor

The benefits of working with us for developing your construction CPD programme:

  • Our specialist team have been recruited from sales, marketing and design roles within the construction sector
  • We are experienced at researching construction industry decision makers:  architects, engineers, project managers, estimators, large & small contractors, sub-contractors, distributors, wholesalers and merchants.
  • We also publish standard reports that can be drawn on to inform your CPD strategy.
  • Our commercial experience means we are able to make recommendations in relation to your target sector and market.