Competitive Advantage has developed a Brand Strength Analysis process for construction markets. This process uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) concept to measure construction specifiers’ loyalty to leading construction brands. By repeating regular brand strength analysis you can track performance, comparing it against communication initiatives, and gauge changes in attitude to your construction brand.

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What is the Net Promoter Score?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a loyalty metric developed by Fred Reichheld. In his book ‘The Ultimate Question’, NPS is presented as the most important metric for business. Developed for consumer marketing, the Net Promoter Score tracks how customers represent a company to their friends and associates. It is now widely used in customer satisfaction and perception studies.

How does our Construction Brand Strength Analysis work?

We first ask the construction specifier how likely they are to specify a brand for a construction project. We have found that certain construction products are more likely to be specified by brand than others where a performance or generic specification is used.

We then ask the construction specifier to say how likely they would be to specifiy a series of construction product brands, including our clients, for a category of construction product.

Benefits of analysing your construction product’s brand strength:

In the construction industry where companies merge or have a portfolio of construction product brands it is particularly useful to track the impact of new identities. Conducting regular brand strength analysis across construction sectors allows you to:

  • Measure return on investment for specification selling
  • Measure the strength of your construction product’s brand, which can be tracked over time
  • Get an indication of brand strength for different construction sectors
  • To benchmark your brand against other leading, but non-competing, construction brands

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