Our construction omnibus surveys provide an option for you to gain construction market feedback quickly and efficiently at a low-cost.

When planning strategy or implementing marketing campaigns for construction markets, there is always the need to understand your target group of decision makers and influencers. Competitive Advantage offers a variety of ways to do this, from high level bespoke research, where the investment reflects the level of detail provided. Through to a range of construction market reports, or the option to ask just one or two questions via an omnibus survey.

Our omnibus surveys contact key decision maker groups in construction such as Building Services Engineers, Architects, Housebuilders or Offsite Manufacturers over a pre-set time frame. An ‘omnibus sponsor’ can ask just one question and responses to each question remain confidential to that sponsor. You receive analysis of the response to your question/s and a listing of the replies, although respondents remain anonymous. This method allows for market information for a number of clients to be collected during the same interview, providing a low cost solution to researching construction markets.

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For the Spring 2019 survey respondents will be Architects currently working on projects at the contractor appointed stage, to include the top 20 practices. These will be identified using the industry’s leading provider of construction intelligence, Barbour ABI. This provides a representative and impartial selection of respondents for the survey.

Single closed question £650.00
Single open question £750.00
Purchase of 2 questions 5% discount
Purchase of 3 or more questions 10% discount


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The benefits of omnibus surveys for construction markets:

  • Omnibus surveys are a quick, low-cost solution to inform you about construction markets and opinions.
  • An alternative to a dedicated research project
  • Omnibus surveys are conducted to a set time-frame, giving answers in a relatively short timescale
  • You choose the question/s you want to ask, and respondent categories, giving you answers to issues of importance to you
  • You can use this quick form of research to inform your strategy planning, or gauge your strategy progress
  • It is a low cost way of gauging the need for more detailed research and informing the questions to ask for this

The benefits of working with us for construction market research:

  • We have been conducting research for the construction sector since 2000
  • Our specialist team have been recruited from sales, marketing and design roles within the construction sector
  • We are experienced at interviewing construction industry decision makers:  architects, engineers, project managers, estimators, large & small contractors, sub-contractors, distributors, wholesalers and merchants.
  • We publish standard reports  that can be drawn on to complement your research findings
  • Our commercial experience means that as well as reporting findings we are able to interpret these effectively and make sound business recommendations
  • We provide high quality, informative data at an affordable cost

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