Construction industry overview – a one day training course

This course presents an overview of the construction sector and is designed to help new entrants gain a better understanding of the UK construction market.

The UK construction industry is made up of a series of relationships; with architects, designers, engineers, contractors, sub-contractors all working together to meet the needs of the client. This team is brought together for each construction project, working to meet the needs of the client and deliver buildings on time and within budget. Legislation plays an important part in determining how this will happen, often initiated by Government. Some clients hold extensive property portfolios and are also extremely influential in this process.

This is an ideal introduction to the construction industry.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand how the construction industry has evolved into its current structure
  • Know how the industry is segmented
  • Understand the different players in the industry and how they inter-relate
  • Learn how legislation is developed, implemented and monitored
  • Know the different supply chain alternatives
  • Understand drivers for change

Who should attend?

The course is designed for anyone new to the construction industry.

It requires no previous experience and is suitable for recent graduates or those who have previously worked in other industries. It is suitable for those working in any of the industry’s many categories; Architect, Engineer, Surveyor, Contractor, Manufacturer or Supplier.

For sales and marketing staff the course acts as a checklist for issues which will need to be addressed in the sales and marketing strategy. It could be used as the first stage in a development programme, to be followed by courses Marketing in the Construction Industry or Creating Demand through Specification.

Course programme:

Brief History of the Industry

  • 19th Century to current day
  • International Influences

Market Sectors

  • Market Overview
  • Sector Sizes and Trends
  • Geographical Activity

Industry Structure

  • Client
  • Professional
  • Contractor
  • Supplier


  • Building Regulations
  • Testing and Certification
  • Planning
  • Implementation

Supply Chain Mechanics

  • Traditional
  • Design & Build
  • Management
  • PFI
  • Prime

Drivers for Change

  • Rethinking the Team
  • Modern Methods of Construction
  • Sustainability
  • Cost savings
  • Customer focus
  • Project Management
  • Construction 2025
  • Building Information Modelling

Course duration: 1 day

Further information

This course can also be purchased as a series of pre-recorded webinars.

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