The ONS has released its Output in the Construction Industry figures for December and Q4 2012. These figures show that the estimated total volume of construction output increased by 0.9% in Q4 of 2012compared to Q3 of 2012.

This week the CPA released its Construction Trade Survey for February. Figures in the survey show that 23% of building contractors reported a fall in output in the private commercial sector during the last quarter of 2012. In contrast, and on a more positive note, theMarkit and CIPS survey reported contractors to have a more confident outlook for their business for the coming 12 months. And the NSCC released its latest state of trade survey, which shows that the outlook for specialist contractors in 2013 is becoming more positive, with 36% reporting an increase in orders in the last quarter of 2012.

Opportunities identified by the CPA for 2013:

  • Growth in new Private Housing from National Housebuilders.
  • Slight growth in Private Housing RMI, even without the Green Deal.
  • Growth in Public Housing RMI, driven by Green Deal.
  • (Take a look at our Social Housing Energy Efficiency Research)
  • Slight growth in factory and warehouse construction.
  • Rail construction will continue to show strong growth, including significant station refurbishment.
  • Some growth in road construction, mostly maintenance, this should come through quite quickly.
  • Small growth in energy, most activity will slip beyond 2013
The Nationwide House Price Index shows that house prices in January have risen by 0.5%, and are unchanged compared to January 2012. This now brings the typical price of a house to £162,245. The Halifax House Price Index shows that in the last 3 months to January house prices have increased by 1.9% compared to the previous 3 months. However they have also reported that house prices fell by 0.2% in January, following successive rises in November and December.

FENSA have released their window and door installation figures for 2012. The figures are encouraging as they show that in the last 3 months of 2012 there was growth of 1.05% in the number of replacement window and door installations, compared to the same period in 2011.
Mark Carney, who becomes Governor of The Bank of England in June, told the Treasury Select Committee ‘he will consider expanding the tools available to the central bank in its efforts to spur lending to households and small businesses.’

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