Dragons for Breakfast

by Chris Hopkins
Date reviewed: April 2013

Founder of Ploughcroft, Chris Hopkins provides an honest and straight talking account of the life lessons he has learnt and how this helped him build a strong business that has weathered our recent economic storms. Recounting his early years, he tells of how he faced schoolyard bullies, dealt with dyslexia, stammering and hearing issues to then find a passion for bodybuilding. Who would have thought that the disciplined skills for bodybuilding could be transferred into a business strategy! The book concludes with his appearance on a well-known TV show, hence the title of the book, which leaves you wanting to find out what happens next, thankfully a sequel has been promised.

Chris’ straight forward determination, hard graft and a simple desire to be the best runs through his story, which is a pleasure to read; At the very least it is worth a look at just to be reminded of the basics of good business sense.

All profits from the book go to Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice in Huddersfield.

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