Well written construction specification documents

Getting your product specification wording right is very important and key to reducing the incidence of product switching. Competitive Advantage can help you develop strong product specifications. This article from NBS explains where the specification fits within the construction contract.

NBS have published their latest report into specification activity. An interesting statistic from the report is that 94% of specifiers have experienced difficulties when producing or using specifications – which must be a call for manufacturers to provide greater support.

Well written specification documents are a very important tool in the sales and marketing of construction products. Developing standard specification clauses provides a means of saving the specifier time, enabling easy inclusion and ensuring that a construction product is correctly described as the manufacturer’s original intention. We asked our expert Brian Murphy for his thoughts on how best to approach your specification review. A technician and architect by training, Brian started writing specifications for Competitive Advantage in 2016 and joined the team in 2017.

Influences on construction product specification

For further understanding on specification our recent blog takes a look at some of the industry initiatives that are influencing product specification. Initiatives that are pushing for changes in construction methods and innovation in the construction supply chain. Another influence on product specification can be contract type. The type of construction contract being used will have an influence on the structure of the construction team. In order to ensure product specifications’ become orders it is important for the marketer, not just the specification salesman, to understand these contract types.

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