Offsite manufacture is experiencing a resurgence. Supporting our recent Construction Market Report – UK Offsite Manufacture research showing that 77% of respondents expect this sector to grow in the next 12 months.

The current Government (225,000 affordable homes by 2020) and the Mayor of London (17,000 more affordable homes pa) have set ambitious housing targets. And a new report from the Greater London Assembly, Designed, sealed, delivered recommends the Mayor addresses the housing shortage by pursuing offsite manufactured homes (OSM) solutions. This report is followed by the draft London Housing Strategy. Which states “relying on traditional building methods alone will make it hard to significantly increase the number of new homes.” Going on to say “A shift to more of the components of London’s homes being precision manufactured, including in factories, will be supported too.”

Jason Ruddle writes for BIM+ saying “It is not a stretch to consider London as a microcosm of the UK’s construction challenge. Get it right here, at scale, where population density is extreme, and you could create a template for major cities across the nation.”

Research into Offsite

Competitive Advantage Consultancy have conducted research into the offsite market sector. The purpose of the report is to provide manufacturers and other suppliers with an understanding of the Offsite Manufacture construction market and the background information in a marketing plan format.

Qualitative and quantitative data provides a comprehensive review of Offsite Manufacture, identifying market influences, market size, sector trends and lists the key members of the decision making unit. The report aims to help inform business strategy for construction manufacturers seeking to establish or grow their business in this sector.

This research cost of £500 + VAT.

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