The construction sector was the second biggest job creator last year, accounting for 25 per cent of job growth in 2015. Research from The recruitment and employment federation demonstrate the skills shortages in construction are proving beneficial for bricklayers pay, pushing pay to as much as £25 an hour.

This comes as research from NHBC Foundation report that parents are not doing enough to encourage children into house-building. Something covered in a recent LinkedIn Pulse: Why are so many dismissing construction as a career? Surely it’s a golden opportunity!

It is predicted that Some 6,480 construction jobs are set to be generated in the South West every year over the coming half-decade. To help generate the skills required a new ‘job shop’ launched by SWH Group, in collaboration with the city council’s Building Plymouth initiative, will also attempt to tackle some of the stereotypes that surround the building trade. The Builders Merchant Federation have signed up to Young Women’s Trust employer pledge. At present only 11% of merchanting apprentices are female and the BMF has set an ambitious target to double the number of women and girls entering the merchant industry by 2020.

Another initiative is seeking professional construction workers from all disciplines to act as mentors. The New Window West Midlands Construction UTC hopes the scheme will help its 14 to 19-year-old students gain a deeper insight into careers in the building sector.

This week sees the 2016 Open Doors event. An initiative providing unique opportunities to visit ‘live’ construction sites across England, Scotland and Wales.

In a video for UK construction online Brian Rye of UCATT talks skill shortages, the apprenticeship levy, and the impact upon the construction industry of a Brexit.

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