Despite the many initiatives to bridge the construction skills gap a recent YouGov poll of 2,000 members of the public found 67 per cent would never consider work in construction. Findings go on to report only 11 per cent think the industry is ‘exciting’.

This month Megan Wild looks at Women in Construction: Will it Ever be Equal? She references a survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), showing that women make up 46.8 percent of total employment across all industries, but they only account for 9.3 percent of construction employees. Data gathered from the BLS survey shows that construction is the only industry in which female employees account for less than 10 percent of the workforce.

This begs the questions how can we improve the image of construction?

This news comes as CITB announce new funding that will offer grants to employers training apprentices at levels 4-7, right up to post-graduate qualifications. The fund is a transitory measure, pending the Government announcing full details about its Apprenticeship Levy and CITB completing its ongoing reform of grant funding.

BRE Academy have taken a digital approach to the skills gap by launching a new eLearning platform Initially offering 25 digitally delivered courses, the aim of is to make and deliver quality education and training more accessible to time poor people and organisations needing to upskill.

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Construction marketers are being asked to complete a short survey to inform CIMCIG on how to contribute more to the learning and development of people working in commercial roles in the industry. Please also pass this onto any colleagues who can contribute.

How can we make construction an appealing career route?



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