The NHBC Foundation has published some guides to help interpret the requirements of Document L 2013.

Also published by the NHBC Foundation is a new report on improving the prospects for small house builders and developers. The Department for Communities and Local Government has published an update on progress with Help to Buy which has now helped 54,000 home owners. The Lyons report provides a comprehensive plan on how to tackle the underlying causes of the housing crisis, with recommendations regarding: the responsibility of councils in the supply of land; a more active role for local government via partnerships; a new focus for the Homes and Communities Agency and an extension of the Garden Cities approach to new Garden Suburbs.

One year on from its launch a review of the Infrastructure Carbon Review by the Green Construction has been published. A new BREEAM Refurbishment & Fit-Out scheme has been launched. RIBA have launched two new building contracts, aligned with the RIBA Plan of Work 2013, the RIBA Domestic Building Contract and the RIBA Concise Building Contract.

A report on the impacts posed by low carbon technologies on electricity distribution infrastructure investment has been issued; this co-insides with the publication of the first Electricity Market Reform Annual Review.

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