A Help to Build proposal could reinvigorate the SME house-building sector, with the suggestion that government guarantees would be introduced, to underpin certain loans which are handed to small and medium-sized house-builders.

London’s first long-term infrastructure plan has been launched by the Mayor, he said “This plan is a real wake up call to the stark needs that face London over the next half century”.

New rules for maintaining schools have been announced by the Government, to make construction and repair of school buildings easier and more cost-effective. Funding is still being allocated under the new rules, with a further £5 billion to build new schools and extensions on existing buildings available.

Construction needs 185,000 new recruits over the next 5 yrs!

Skill shortages are still a concern, and The Build Show talk to SpecifiedBy of their concerns. Born to Build a new social media campaign has been launched by the UKCG. And Business and energy minister Matthew Hancock has been urged to brief government leaders on the construction skills crisis after he was given a seat at the cabinet table as part of a major government reshuffle.

CIOB have launced a new online CPD portal for its members.

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