The government have announced a smaller Construction Leadership Council and have discontinued the Chief Construction Adviser’s post. The Construction Products Association is campaigning for manufacturing to be part of the new Council, as currently there is not a representative for product manufacturing or distribution.

Skills shortages in the construction sector still continues to cause concern, with this article from Construction Enquirer claiming that the skills shortages are set to intensify for the rest of the year.

The London Land Commission is the first ever coordinated effort between City Hall, government and boroughs that aims to free up surplus public land in London to help build the homes that the city so desperately needs. And if you supply into the transport sector you may find the London Underground capital programmes website of interest:

CIRIA is seeking industry support and funding to produce new guidance on the construction of domestic basements. This is response to an increased demand for basement construction together with the scale and complexity of projects.

Zero Carbon Hub have released the Builders’ Book, a craftsmanship guide that highlights key construction details when building a new home, and good practice for delivering them. The book helps builders improve site processes to deliver better performing homes and reduce the risk of condensation and mould growth, excessive heat loss and, failure to meet building regulations.

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