This blog provides a brief introduction to some of the key decision makers and influencers in the construction team. Looking at what challenges are of importance to them. Providing guidance on what drives product specification, by looking at how each individual specifier is influenced by key factors such as value, design quality, sustainability. Further information […]

For the construction product manufacturer marketing to architects is a key business strategy; creating awareness of products so that they’ll be included in designs, thereby creating ‘demand pull’ through the supply chain, and eventually sales. The architect is one of the most important members of the design team, distilling the requirements and advice of other […]

Construciton CPD seminars are an effective tool for starting new relationships or enhancing an existing one with construction specifiers. This Twitter Chat with @CompA_Ashworth and @BarbourNews reviews how to use CPD to build relationships with construction specifiers. #SpecStrategy

The delivery of a construction project involves many different decision makers. Often this group of people are brought together for one project and then disbanded when the project is complete. Understanding the dynamic of the Decision Making Unit (DMU) is important, this is where knowledge of the market sector and contract types can be useful. […]

As a construction product manufacturer it is often hard to know where to start when trying to market your product, or offers such as CPD, to specifiers. It has always been a challenge how best to reach, inform and influence specifiers, engineers, contractors, housebuilders and merchants. The construction marketer has to understand a number of […]

UK construction contributes £90 billion to the UK economy, 6.7% of the total. It provides employment for 2.93 million, representing 10% of total UK employment. Understanding the scale of the construction sector and its many different elements can be a challenge for the construction products marketer. In this blog I have gathered some information to […]

The Construction Media Index 2015 has launched! The 2015 research into communication channels used by key decision makers in the construction sector looks at online and hardcopy journal readership, as well as usage of: blogs, online articles, social networks, devices, Apps, product directories and attendance at technical seminars. This comprehensive and independent research conducted by Competitive Advantage […]

We have just launched the Construction Media Index 2015 . 478 key decision makers were interviewed and asked about how they source information to inform their product purchasing and design ideas. Findings from the research show, for example,  the industry has a preference for online publications  rather than hardcopy journals. Twitter and LinkedIn are the most popular social networks used […]

A number of general reports have been published about usage of social media in this country, but how closely does the construction industry follow these trends? Recently we completed the Construction Media Index 2015, research that looks at how key decision makers in construction source information to inform their specification and design ideas. The research covers a wealth […]

Over June and August this year we asked 478 construction professionals how they gather information to inform their product and design decisions. We asked them questions about their journal readership, blog readership, social media activity, use of product directories and CPD requirements. This information is presented in full in our research The Construction Media Index, […]