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Post-Referendum there is uncertainty around the data in the near-term. Because of this the CPA have decided not to publish their standard point estimate forecasts, normally reported in their Summer Construction Industry Forecasts. Instead they have developed Construction Industry Scenarios – Summer 2016. This presents higher and lower bounds to reflect the extent of the […]

The Build UK State of Trade Survey for Q2 2016, shows a positive but stabilising picture of prospects for contractors, with 46% operating at over 90% capacity. Contractors also saw an increase in output of 22% for Q2 2016, significantly more than the 5% growth recordered in Q1 2016 and the 3% seen in Q4 […]

MP Steve Cabe challenges the government asking where is the Bonfield Review?  He criticises Government, saying they are adding to a sense of disillusionment with energy policy. From the 1st October new housing in London will be expected to meet new zero carbon requirements. The new standard is much stricter than Part L of the Building […]

Achieving housing targets It is hoped the new Neighbourhood Planning Bill will streamline the planning process and give local people greater say over development in their area. This plan is part of speeding up delivery of the further new homes this country needs. Government is also considering modular construction in answer to the housing crisis. […]

What are the pros and cons of telephone interviews compared to online surveys when researching construction markets? Telephone Interviews – Pros Telephone interviews add an irreplaceable personal touch. For Clients wanting to demonstrate how they value their customers and their opinions, in a Customer Satisfaction survey for example, it is a must. It is a […]

The delivery of a construction project involves many different decision makers. Often this group of people are brought together for one project and then disbanded when the project is complete. Understanding the dynamic of the Decision Making Unit (DMU) is important, this is where knowledge of the market sector and contract types can be useful. […]

Ian Chapman, director of the NBS National BIM Library, asks when it comes to BIM, what stage are construction product manufacturers at? And where would you place your business? Ian argues that the early adopters have already answered many questions, so we should learn from their experience and understand the pitfalls and benefits of adoption. […]

The ONS have released their Construction output in Great Britain: June 2016 and April to June 2016. Output was estimated to have decreased by 0.7% in Q2 2016 when compared to Q1 2016, with all new work decreasing by 0.8% and all repair and maintenance decreasing by 0.5%. In June 2016, output decreased by 0.9% […]

Competitive Advantage in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Industry Group (CIMCIG) has set up a quarterly survey to measure the impact of Brexit on Sales & Marketing in the construction sector. Please follow the link to give us your feedback and register for a free report of the findings. Here is a […]