Every Home Matters

EcobuildAt Ecobuild Peter Bonfield and his team presented Every Home Matters. This is the new name for the Bonfield Review, which is in the final stages, with a report soon to be published. The seminar explored the emerging recommendations providing a glimpse of how the home energy efficiency landscape needs to evolve.

With 1 in 5 struggling to pay energy bills the review aims to provide guidance on how best to improve current housing stock. The Bonfield Review has taken a progressive approach, looking at how to learn from the past and provide a home energy efficiency sector to be proud of.

A new approach for home energy efficiency

Peter Bonfield was keen to stress that the review starts with the consumer in mind: the householder, occupier or tenant. It is hoped that a new approach will build trust and confidence with the consumer. The review is focussed on three areas: Fabric & Installation, smart-meters and home energy technology. As well as informing government policy the review looks to put in place a set of standards and codes, as well as create a culture for innovation and research, gathering evidence to learn and improve going forward.

Claire Certis-Thomas from the BBA talked about her work on the review and the importance of governance and compliance enforcement. She talked of the need for an oversight body that will align and strengthen the industry, to provide guidance, rather than micro-manage. She stressed the importance of gaining consumer confidence by providing licensing and a quality mark, and to give consumer protection.

Liz Male from TrustMark also looked at consumer confidence, saying clearer consumer information was needed, with key facts and signposting. We need to make sure marketing messages are compliant, and there is effective control over how sales leads are generated; with a free Ombudsman service for consumers, or similar, as a last resort.

Liz also looked at how the skills gap needs to be addressed by developing and delivering a framework for skills and training. Stressing the importance of providing consistency of assessment, implementing a CPD requirement and reassessments.

Diana Montgomery, Chief Executive of the CPA again talked about how engagement with the consumer needs to be stronger. She stressed that, with the use of a thorough design stage, we need to ensure that the right products are installed and the householder is engaged and has a good installation experience.

It will be a very different landscape in the future as Peter Bonfield and his team strive to develop a culture where the householder is paramount.  It is envisaged these changes will be 80% driven by the private sector and 20% by Government policy.

In conclusion Peter Bonfield said “We need to take responsibility to make sure we deliver measures we are proud of in the future. That things are done in the way they should be done, with a code of conduct and a set of standards.”


Researching constructing markets:

Market research is an important guide for business and when used effectively can inform decisions which contribute to the success of your company. Conducting regular construction market research allows insight into the decision making process and the influences on product specification.

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  1. Marketing and sales need to grasp that consumers remember promises and sales statements, when future buildings fail to deliver and experts point out they only understand selling procedure and it is others at fault , governments change , policy is re written and the public are screwed again .
    Why not put figures to words , does a modern home with plasterboard walls have a life time of 10 years or twenty. Do modern LED lights mean ceilings need changing every 5years and does IOT mean I have to pay for an upgrade to IT each time they learn a new system.
    Does the fitting of a smart meter validate the system it Bills.
    Ian Malone . WL 828924C.

    Ps the fire regs now point at the designer and those in control of change.

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