A roadmap for digital construction

The UK BIM Alliance launched during the recent Construction Week, replacing the BIM Task Group, it aims to provide a reference point for firms involved in the built environment to implement BIM, particularly the adoption of Level 2. As part of this launch the chair of the UK BIM Alliance presented a new BIM Level 2 Roadmap, by outlining how BIM can continue to develop and grow. A subject covered in a B1M video: what next for BIM level 2 in the UK? The B1M talk to leading experts and discuss the next steps for BIM Level 2 in the UK and the role that the newly formed UK BIM Alliance could play. And Innovate UK and the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy have partnered, to deliver through Digital Built Britain, the next phase of digitisation in the construction sector spearheading the drive to BIM level 3, to reduce cost and increase value. This is heralded as a significant step in the journey to a digital economy for the built environment. This as a new report by the Construction Products Associations presents The Future for Construction Product Manufacturing. Looking at how BIM, smart factories and optimised supply chains are modernising our sector.

Product data consistency

CoBuilder Marketing think “manufacturers have a significant role to play regarding moving the industry forward”. In their article for BIM Today product data templates = smart manufacturing, they explain that smart manufacturers are those that recognise that PDT’s, with the correct data are key. That manufacturers should be focusing on the information behind the geometric objects, that is where the advantage is to be found. Meanwhile John Adams, head of BIM services at BIM Strategy and Nick Tune, chief executive of coBuilder, ask why should product manufacturers all approach BIM the same way?

LEXiCON is hoping to be the answer to consistent data sharing. This world-first opportunity is an industry led initiative, that aims to champion data consistency and interoperability across the construction sector. Led by the Construction Products Association and supported by BIM4M2 and the BIM Task Group, Steve Thompson, vice chair of BIM4M2 explains more Introducing LEXiCON – Decoding product data in the built environment.

Certification and assessment of BIM

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has tasked the UK Accreditation Service with establishing a new certification scheme to show compliance with BIM Level 2. The aim of the scheme is to find a way of achieving a common BIM certification, to help deliver the Government Construction Strategy.

John Ford, technical BIM lead at Carillion says “The assessment is the most critical part of planning the implementation of a BIM project”. In his article are we underestimating the value of BIM assessments? he describes a chaotic process of word documents and spreadsheets for assessment. He champions the instant collection of raw data and the power of analysis to develop a leaner, focused assessment process, that adds value.

BIM networking

Su Butcher of Just Practising explains the role of the group Women in BIM, presenting their priorities: To Encourage and Support Women in BIM; To Advance and Retain Women in BIM To Attract and Promote Women in BIM. The group aims to create networking hubs and a platform to collaborate and share ideas and has launched a worldwide database to facilitate this. Women can join the database by filling out the form on this link: http://bit.ly/womeninbimdb 

An open mic night is to be held in Manchester at the end of the month to discuss the challenges and benefits surrounding BIM. It will take place on the 24 November at BDP offices in Manchester. And after taking a year out, BIM Show Live will be returning in February 2017. Both delegate registration and the call for papers are now open.

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