The European Parliament recently voted for the adoption of new procurement rules, which includes clauses designed to encourage all European countries to recommend the use of electronic tools, including BIM, on public works contracts. A recent RIBA Insight briefing provides a number of useful BIM resources. Further reading can be found on the Construction Industry Council blog, where Louise Dawes reviews how BIM can be used on smaller construction projects. And I presented at a recent Construction Products Association seminar on what architects need from product manufacturers, referencing our recent research into the Adoption of BIM by Architects. As part of the CPA’s support for the BIM Task Group work, they are launching BIM4M2 on the morning of Friday,28 March at the BIS Conference Centre in London.

The Royal Academy of Engineering has awarded eight Enterprise Fellowships, these provide funding and support to outstanding entrepreneurial engineering researchers, working at a UK University. One of these has been provided to Dr David Heesom at the University of Wolverhampton to look intoincorporating features found in computer gaming into BIM technologies

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