When the government announced its decision to make BIM mandatory it marked a change in the attitude of building clients; from a focus on the capital cost of construction to the lifetime value of the building. BIM can help to reduce operating costs, but another aspect receiving increasing recognition from clients and designers is the […]

In many construction companies marketing is seen as just sales promotion, but an important element is strategic planning – a process which should be ongoing, not just reserved for the annual budget. A well-used tool for this is Ansoff’s matrix, he first developed it 60 years ago, but it is still as relevant today as […]

To influence the specification of your construction product, it is necessary to understand the dynamics of the construction decision making unit (DMU). Today, it is very rare that a single person will have full control of the decision to purchase, and many have the influence to prevent the selection of a product. It is thus […]

With the drive to build a million homes by 2020 councils may be allowed to build starter homes on green belt. A government consultation has proposed changing the rules to enable councils to “allocate appropriate small-scale sites in the green belt specifically for starter homes”. In a bid for more affordable homes the Government have extended their […]

Sir Michael Wilshaw, head of the education watchdog, warns against poor quality apprenticehips Sir Michael goes on to say, in his speech at the CBI conference “The economy is growing and there is a cross party consensus on the importance of vocational education in general and the need for more high-calibre apprenticeships in particular.” In […]

The chancellor has announced the introduction of the National Infrastructure Commission. The Commission will be politically neutral and will make recommendations on infrastructure schemes under a four-point plan to get Britain building. This new approach will change the way vital infrastructure projects are planned, determined and funded. This announcement follows the publication of the report […]

In much of my material on specification strategy I emphasise the importance of relationships. On one level this is about becoming the Trusted Advisor, with strong relationships at Client, Architect, Engineer and Contractor level. It is also about understanding the relationships that exist throughout the supply chain, knowing which organisation works with which and the […]

The new trade body Build UK, that seeks to provide a single voice for the whole of the contracting supply chain, have announced their plan of action to transform the construction sector. This is to focus on: Image of construction; The industry’s skills needs; Effective pre-qualification; Health and safety performance; Fair payment practices. An economic […]

Very often the message coming back from the sales team is that “our prices are too high”, but is this questioned enough? Market research often shows that customers only buy on price when they have no other comparisons, to quote a leading property developer “We do not go to the market looking for lowest price. […]

The government have announced a smaller Construction Leadership Council and have discontinued the Chief Construction Adviser’s post. The Construction Products Association is campaigning for manufacturing to be part of the new Council, as currently there is not a representative for product manufacturing or distribution. Skills shortages in the construction sector still continues to cause concern, with […]