As with any new idea, BIM is both an opportunity and a threat to building product manufacturers. Provide the level of detail required and your product will be incorporated into the building’s specification at an early stage. Don’t provide BIM objects and risk competitor products being used instead.

For a manufacturer the need to provide BIM objects will become as necessary as the provision of standard specification clauses or CAD details. At the moment Adoption of BIM is growing fast and soon it will become mandatory for companies that wish to achieve effective specification selling.

Providing BIM Objects – why you need to be doing it.

  1. As a way of standing out from your competitors
  2. To develop new relationships
  3. As a response to customer demand
  4. To make it easier to specify your product
  5. To avoid your product being switched
  6. To be the natural supplier for repair or replacement components in the future

Providing BIM Objects – Where to start.

The idea of providing the high levels of information required for BIM objects may seem over facing, but this is only the information currently being provided.

The leading BIM libraries offer an object authoring service making creation of objects a relatively simple process for the product manufacturer. In some cases it may just involve passing existing technical literature to the BIM author. However it is recommended that there is a full dialogue with the author at the library to ensure they understand how products are used, can advise on the best content and how to present the information.

There are currently two leading providers of BIM objects in the UK market:
National BIM Library
No doubt BIM libraries will develop in the same way as product directories.

Providing BIM Objects – making them accessible

BIM objects also need to be made available in a suitable format for use by each brand of software, as well as OpenBIM. To provide for all would be expensive, so it is important to select the right system. This is a decision which should be based on the systems used by your principal specifiers and contractor customers. So before deciding on a format, make sure that your key specifiers are using it.

Our report Adoption of BIM can help you with this as it lists the top 80 engineer practices, top 80 architect practices and top 20 main contractors, and details if they have adopted BIM and the software they use.

Providing BIM Objects – shout about it

Having created BIM objects they must be easily available so that specifiers can simply drag and drop them into their designs. As well as promoting them via the BIM libraries, companies should also make them available via a dedicated web area. This could be on an existing website or a microsite hosted by the BIM library. Whichever option is selected it is important to make it easy for the specifier to find the information. Provide a clear route from the home page and include a dedicated landing page which will also contribute to a high Google ranking for the BIM objects.

Useful resources:-

  • NBS, National BIM Report 2012, February 2012
  • Competitive Advantage, Adoption of BIM, April 2012
  • BIM Industry Working Group, BIM Strategy document, March 2011

Further Reading:-

Don’t Ignore BIM

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Communicating with Architects – an interview with Su Butcher

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Key Factors for Succesful Specification Selling

Our recent reports:-

Construction Research: Construction Media Index:
The only impartial research report in the construction industry on traditional and digital communication channels.

Construction Media Index, now in its 2ndyear, is a comprehensive research report detailing the communication channels available for promoting to the construction sector. Its objectives are to:

  • Provide an impartial report for the use of the construction industry
  • Identify the key hardcopy and electronic media used by category of decision maker and market sector
  • Identify the industry publications which are actually read

Adoption of Building Information Modelling:
A research report detailing the take-up and implementation of BIM in the UK Construction Industry. Adoption of BIM, the report will enable you to:

  • Identify the organisations which are using BIM or plan to use it
  • Review the software used and how it influences product selection
  • Understand how specifiers and contractors want to receive BIM information
  • Identify changes in influence on specification as a result of BIM implementation

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